I walk by this house with a fenced-in dog everyday. Every time this dog sees someone, he aggressively barks and barks, rattles the fence, and eventually hurts himself because he gets his paw stuck in the fence trying to attack the passerby. I always wondered how he could continue doing the same thing over and over. He's hurting himself trying to get out, and the passerby just goes about their business. You would think that the pain would teach him to try an alternate behavior. But just as soon as that one person disappears, another one comes, and the dog is back at it again.

Then I realized that humans are the same. We harbor anger and hate towards people who could care less, or who may not even be aware of how we really feel about them. So we unintentionally create these cages for ourselves, and we wonder why we never get anywhere. Inside, our anger thrashes and blazes, but all we're doing is eroding our own minds. The recipient of this hate is probably unbothered. The longer we harbor hate, the stronger our cages get. Freedom is better. Peace is better. Let it go.

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